LED Poultry Lighting




  1. Built in constant circuit to ensure homogeneous brightness.
  2. Double waterproof structured, meets IP67 standard.
  3. Use Aluminum PCB to ensure good heat dissipation and long LED life.
  4. DC48V constant voltage and current performs stably and safely.
  5. PC material performs solid but unbreakable body, a necessary function for Poultry houses DC48V constant. 

  【Dimension】 LTD03:90cm / LTD06:180cm

Product model number LTD06 Spectrogram
Power Consumption (W) 5.5W Thumb spectrogram
Input Voltage (V) DC48V±3V
Color Temperature (K) (CCT) 3000K
Light Output (Lm) 450lm
Color Random Index (Ra) >80
Water and dust proof (IP) IP69K
Weight (g) 420g

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