LED Poultry Lighting




  1. Applicable to equip with TRIAC dimming system with good dimming performance.
  2. Smooth surface features easy cleaning of dust and stains.
  3. Safe and High Efficiency by constant current circuit design.
  4. Insects expelling character, LED lighting characters without Ultraviolet, not easy to attract insects.
  5. By requirement, could be equipped with LT214 tubes with lamp shade.

A :1213mm

B :1198mm

C :Ф26mm

D :Ф28mm

Product model number LT214 Spectrogram
Power Consumption (W) 21W Thumb spectrogram
Input Voltage (V) AC100V~230V
Color Temperature (K) (CCT) 2700K
Light Output (Lm) 1800lm
Color Random Index (Ra) >70
Water and dust proof (IP) IP69K
Weight (g)  

Broiler use

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